Get to know Eco & More

Eco and More was not created in one wonderful thought. I have an idea today, I implement it tomorrow. It wasn’t like that … Maturing ideas is a process that is often long and born  in pain. Sometimes space-time is bent and all the ingredients needed to create a good decoction just mix perfectly. But mixing must continue so that these ingredients do not come apart. Sometimes you need to add something new, sometimes you need to remove some ingredient while stirring all the time. Our only preservative in this mixture is understanding and friendship. If not for that, we would have been gone a long time.

Let’s start our story in 2009 in London. Well, emigrants. Well, you have to try different flavors in life …
London, a beautiful city, living fast, full of influence from around the world, and at the same time dignified in its tradition, crown, elegance and the ubiquitous aroma of aristocracy. We came there from two corners of the world: one family from Poland, the other from the USA (after a long adventure overseas). Marcin and Damian met first. How exactly it was, I don’t know, because my husband somehow just mentioned that he met a „super guy”. And invited him with the whole family to come with a visit. Ha, the usual surprise.
And they came. The Kalinowski family: Magda, Damian, Adaś, and Natalka in the belly high under the breast (as it turned out later). Adaś, a year younger than my daughter Ola, greeted us with such beautiful Polish language and at the age of two that I couldn’t get over it. In addition, they brought a delicious cake …
We spent the whole day in the garden. Ola and Adaś were having fun as if they had always known each other (somehow they both understand each other without words … because my Ola did not speak much, but when she started in Polish and ended in English). My older child, delighted with the stories of the new aunt about the USA (she was at the High School Musical stage, who knows, understands) sat politely and brought new pieces of delicious cake every now and then. And so one afternoon and another, and a trip to a beautiful castle, and museums, and New Year’s Eve …. it just happened.

At that time, Magda founded her store She was the first to introduce the most bizarre eco-solutions to Poland. And all in the spirit of innovation and using the latest e-commerce trends. In the evenings I helped her a bit by simply additing products on the site. In the evening I received the data, and in the morning it was posted. Then, when children went to school, and I got my dream, long-awaited job. I am a landscape architect. Plants are my passion and magic.

The time has come to return to Poland. First they, then next year we. the ekomalach was growing independently of us. After returning, Magda and Damian suggested that I join their team, being responsible in half for marketing activities, visualizations, and in the second part for B2B development. The office was then in the basement of one of the villas in Żoliborz.
One early autumn afternoon, September 13, 2011, we signed with the notary public the act of creation of a new creation: Eco and More Sp. z o.o.

The company’s first headquarters was in Marymont. The room on the first floor housed ekomaluch and Eco and More, and below us our warehouse, which was 50m2 of ideal products for our children. Only our warehouseman Tomek with a stiletto posture was able to move freely around these nooks and crannies.

Much water has elapsed since then. Children were born, stories happened. We are constantly mixing our mixture. Eco and More is still a common idea and we still consult a lot. Every day I run the company with my husband Marcin, who abandoned the great world of suits for our joint work, knows perfectly well the numbers and Excel (after all the Olympics in mathematics and physics obliges), and every now and then comes to me with the phrase: I have plan … and worse, implement it! And in all this between cartons and Excel, our beautiful Daughters and little Son, who hate our computers and cells being always busy.

Eco and More is growing peacefully giving us the opportunity to meet people, discoveries around the world, the magic of nature, and a healthy approach to life. Thanks to this work, we meet people with passion, we learn that something can be done differently, that our grandmothers and mothers had great wisdom in life, that young people constantly come up with new ideas that everyone can be an innovator.
The world is a huge ecosystem in which we all depend on each other, earth, sun, energy, living beings … Energy flows, does not die. And it depends on us what will come back to us.