About our company

Who are we?

A company with passion, which not only introduces products to the Polish market so far available only outside our borders, but above all gives a choice to anyone who wants to try something new. Our offer also includes Polish brands that, through their quality and uniqueness, bring enormous potential to our business. We promote a healthy lifestyle because we believe in it.
We are a trading company that cooperates with many partners throughout Poland. We supply retail chains, stationary and online stores (including groceries, drugstores, children’s stores, pharmacies, birthing schools, kindergartens and schools).
We also support small businesses, sole proprietorships that are growing and developing right before our eyes. We believe that from a small acorn one day a mighty admired oak will grow.
Our range consists of selected, best products for the whole family, which in addition to exceptional quality is characterized by effective operation with minimal impact on our environment.
You can also offer your customers the products they are looking for!

Our Vision

Eco & More – a company with passion that believes in a healthy lifestyle and wants you and your loved ones to enjoy a healthy body, a healthy home and a healthy environment.nt.

Our Mission

Good quality, safe for the consumer and the environment products in every home.